About BIF Today

BIF today is an app-powered on-demand ride share technology car service provider for smart phones.
The passengers that are going to use the BIF Today application will have the option to arrange their ride from any location, safely, fast and get to their desired location without any additional costs.
Every interested driver/rider that is going to register on BIF Today will benefit from this application. Its main goal of the platform is the focus on mediation between the passengers and drivers.
Register and you too can be a PART of the first innovation of travel in our country!
To download the app click on the following links BIF Passenger and BIF Driver.


Various car brands

Travel in safe and secure cars! Expect a surprise!

Best service for the best price

By using this app you get best price to service ratio!

Great support

24/7 active Contact Center

Precisely to your location

Travel comfortably and safely to your next destination.


Always precise

Our team of drivers is precise and always at the requested location

Licensed drivers

Recognizable identificationsand appearance

Become a part of the BIF drivers team

Register on our website easy and safely

Highest level of security

The drivers respect the written safety procedures by the company

Our services

How it works

After you install the selected app, follow the corresponding instructions.

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