The Ultimate digital platform in Macedonia that connects the rider and the driver in a fast and simple way

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Do you need a ride? Are you in a rush? Don’t have time for waiting? How many times have you faced this kind of scenario? The BIF App is here for you and will enlighten the way of transport in the city.

BIF is the very first digital platform in Macedonia that provides a connection to the riders and drivers via a mobile app, directly from your smart phone. With  BIF, wherever you are, at any time, you will get  fast, secure and simple to the desired destination. Just one click and your ride will arrive at your location.

How does it work:

You download the app from Play Store or App Store and once you register, you can ask for your ride. The nearest driver will pop up and aside from that, you will have the option to see the route, vehicle type and the driver’s profile.
There are three vehicle categories:
BIF, BIF Taxi and BIF VIP with capacity of 4 or 6 riders.


BIF also offers opportunities for the drivers. Use your vehicle wisely and earn!
Everyone who wants to professionally earn as a driver, can download the BIF Driver App and register as BIF Driver.

The BIF Team proudly awaits for the first arranged trips starting from 5/1/2021 which is the official starting date of the app.

For further  information, please visit our website

Don’t wait, ask for your ride now.

BIF, one click to your destination.

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Апликацијата BIF Today е иновација која ќе го промени начинот на превоз во Република Северна Македонија.

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