What is BIF Today and what is its platform?

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BIF Today is the company which brings the latest innovation in Macedonia. BIF Today’s main cause is to connect the Riders and Drivers through a digital platform, for the first time here.

Connecting the Riders and Drivers refers to driving intercession through the algorithm that is based on two apps:

  • Mobile app BIF Rider
  • Mobile app BIF Driver

BIF Today is a digital platform that is a synonym for modernism and future.

How does the BIF platform work?

Both, BIF Rider and BIF Driver Apps refer to 4 simple steps as follows:

  • Download the App
  • Register/Sign in
  • Create a Profile
  • BIF safely

The Riders will have the option to arrange their transportation from each location – safely, secure fast and without any additional fees to arrive to the desired destination.

The registered Drivers will benefit from making additional earning and working in any period of the day.

This means:

  • BIF Today does not have operators;
  • With BIF Today there are no scammed calls
  • BIF Today does not have busy lines
  • With BIF Today there is no need to ask where is the Driver

The BIF Today digital platform works in an automatic way. Perhaps you are wondering how does this automatic way work.
The app is based on the innovative algorithm in order for the clients to experience simpler and safer driving.
The BIF Today app offers choice. The registered Drivers can include more vehicles for “traffic biffing”, and BIF Today offers a choice of the following categories:

  • BIF Taxi – S and L
  • BIF Vehicle – S and L
  • BIFVIP – S and L


The BIF Rider can request a trip through their mobile App. The BIF Platform, based on the data that the Rider inputs in the field – location, destination, vehicle category, will look for the closest vehicle. If, perhaps, the BIF Driver declines the request, the platform will look for the next closest vehicle as long as some BIF Driver accepts the request. This procedure does not take more than 2 minutes. Once the Driver accepts the request, the BIF Driver’s and BIF Rider’s connection starts.

The whole procedure from start to finish is managing the BIF Today app through connecting the BIF Rider and BIF Driver.

For additional information:

Official e-mail

[email protected]

За Нас

Апликацијата BIF Today е иновација која ќе го промени начинот на превоз во Република Северна Македонија.

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